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Get detailed insight on what your competition is selling in order to win the war of ecommerce on eBay, with ShopiSpy.

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  • Save Time

    Doing indepth research on your Competitors on eBay can be Time Consuming. With ShopiSpy, in the matter of a few clicks and a couple seconds, get the Key statistics of your competition and see what they are selling and in what quantities.

  • Simple System

    The system is built giving you the exact information you need in a concise way. We stay away from adding a lot of fluff and simply focus on the metrics that will help you increase your ebay sales. It is a lean but powerful piece of software.

  • Powerful Features

    Our competition has removed the ability to pull data from your competition although the information is readily available on the eBay website and we have found a way to bring back all this power to you with this lean software playform.

  • Friendly Interface

    The interface and functionality is built for the average person. We know that not all people in ecommerce are tech savy, we have made ShopiSpy very user friendly. If you can create emails you can use our software.

Leading Platform for eBayers

ShopiSpy is the Leading Platform for eBay sales research and Competitor Analysis and Research, offering cutting edge technololgy to the average person who desires to win in the world fo ebay ecommerce.

ShopiSpy is also available for the Major ebay marketplaces.

  • eBay.com
  • Ebay UK
  • Ebay Australia
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay India

There is currently nothing like ShopiSpy on the market.

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  • q-iconWhat is ShopiSpy?

    ShopiSpy is a leading provider of ecommerce intelligence for the eBay marketplace.

  • q-iconIs ShopiSpy a Free or Paid service?

    ShopiSpy is a paid service with a 7 day trial period available for $7.

  • q-iconHow far back can I research data?

    Due to the fact that this is real tiem data, and you are limited in the number of calls that your eBay API allows, you cna only research the last 7, 14 and 30 days of data.

  • q-iconIs there a contract or monday back guarentee?

    With ShopiSpy there is no contract. You can start and stop using ShopiSpy at your leasure. We also do offer a 60 day money back guarentee.

  • q-iconDoes ShopiSpy Have Anything to do with Terapeak?

    No. Although we have an eBay Competitive Research tool similar to the one in Terapeak, we have nothing to do with Terapeak.

  • q-iconHow Often is the Data Updated?

    ShopiSpy’s Data is pulled on demand so this is current data, coming directly from the eBay wesbite of your choice and is not delayed in anyway. This is eBay data in real time.